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Special Thanks to Our Supporters!

Our work would not be possible without our generous donors:



NICHD R01HD086168 (PIs: Fumiko Hoeft and Ken Pugh @ Haskins Labs) (2016-2021)
NICHD R01HD078351 (PI: Fumiko Hoeft) (2015-2020)
NICHD P50HD052120 (PI: Richard Wagner @ Florida State University; Subcontract PI: Fumiko Hoeft) (2017-2019)

NICHD R01HD096261 (PI: Fumiko Hoeft) (2018-2023)

NICHD R01HD094834 (PI: Fumiko Hoeft and Roeland Hancock @ UConn) (2019-2024)

University of California Office of the President 

MRP-17-454925 (PI: Fumiko Hoeft) (2016-2019)


The Oak Foundation ORIO-16-012 (Fumiko Hoeft, Stephanie Haft, Chelsea Myers; 2016-2019) 
Anonymous Foundation (2018-2021) 

The Dyslexia Foundation 

The Extraordinary Brain Series 

UCSF Dyslexia Center 

Battery Powered 
Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation
Dan and Stacey Case Family Foundation
Flora Family Foundation 
Kelly Gorman and Steve Carnevale
Paul and Sandy Otellini  
Thomas and Eva Fong Foundation 
Anonymous Donors 

Other Generous Supporters 

Dyslexia Training Institute
The Potter Family 
ALTA (Academic Language Therapy Association)

Lori and Ray DePole

San Mateo County of Education

IMBES (International Mind Brain and Education Society)

Society for Neuroscience

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)

Past Supporters 

AIM Academy 
The Windward School 
Holy Names University and Raskob School 
Currey Ingram Academy 
Dennis & Shannon Wong DSEA 88 Wong Family Foundation 
Boston College (PI: Jessica Black) 
Center for Childhood Creativity UCSF-CCC Neuroscience Fellowship
UCSF Academic Senate Pilot Grant for Junior Investigators (PI: Fumiko Hoeft)  
NIH K23HD054720 (PI: Fumiko Hoeft; 2008-2013) 
UCSF CTSI Catalyst Award UL1 TR000004 (PI: Roeland Hancock; Others: Robert Hendren & Fumiko Hoeft) (2013-2014) 
UCSF RAP Digital Health Research Grant UL1 TR000004 (PI: Roeland Hancock; Others: Robert Hendren) (2013-2014) 
UCSF Dept of Radiology & Biomedical Engineering Seed Grant (PI: Srikantan Nagarajan of Rad & Biomed Eng; Others: Roeland Hancock & Fumiko Hoeft) (2013-2014) 
Stanford University Center for Cognitive and Neurobiological Imaging (CNI) Pilot Grant (PI: David Hong, Roeland Hancock; Others: Fumiko Hoeft) (2013-2014) 
NICHD R01HD065794 (PI: Kenneth Pugh @ Haskins Labs; Subcontract PI: Fumiko Hoeft)
NICHD R01HD067254 (PI: Laurie Cutting @ Vanderbilt U; Subcontract PI: Fumiko Hoeft)
NICHD R01HD044073 (PI: Laurie Cutting @ Vanderbilt U; Subcontract PI: Fumiko Hoeft)
NICHD P01HD001994 (PI: Jay Rueckl @ Haskins Labs; Subcontract PI: Fumiko Hoeft)
NIMH R01MH104438 (PI: Christine Nordahl @ UC Davis MIND Inst; Subcontract PI: Fumiko Hoeft)
NIMH R01MH103371 (PI: David Amaral @ UC Davis MIND Inst; Subcontract PI: Fumiko Hoeft)

NSF1540854 SL-CN (PI: Adam Gazzaley, Functional PI: Melina Uncapher; Co-PI: Fumiko Hoeft) (2015-2019)