Adult Reading Strategies Program

This New England based research project examines the brain mechanisms of reading and dyslexia in young adults. It integrates multiple, cutting-edge neuroimaging techniques to uncover the flexibility and resilience in adult brains with dyslexia. We hope this research will progress current models of reading intervention and promote successful compensatory strategies for both children and adults with dyslexia. 

This program, funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH), is looking for young adults of ages 18-30 both with and without histories of dyslexia. 

What is Involved?:

  • Several visits to UConn Storrs campus to the Brain Imaging Research Center to participate in safe, non-invasive brain imaging sessions (MRI and TMS).

  • Each visit lasts 3-4 hours for 5 total visits.

  • Receive cognitive, language, and reading assessments and answer questionnaires.

  • Monetary compensation is provided.


Those Eligible to Participate:

  • Ages 18-30

  • Right-handed

  • Native English speaker

  • No history of major psychiatric or neurological illnesses


Benefits to You:

  • Upon completion of participation, you will receive a report of your neuropsychological assessments.

  • Opportunity for a free picture of your brain.

  • You will help contribute to a better understanding of reading and dyslexia.

  • Free professional development or student seminar of your choice about learning disabilities, dyslexia, promoting resilience and compensatory skills.

  • Potential internship opportunities available.


Contact Us:

For more information contact Prof. Fumiko Hoeft at AdultReadingStrategies@uconn.edu or (860) 486-4170

Funding: NIH R01HD096261

Brain Imaging Research Center (BIRC), Phillips Communication Bldg

2 Alethia Drive, Storrs, CT 06269, USA