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Tools Developed In-House

This Matlab based software provides a GUI framework for conducting graph theory analyses with volumetric MR data. GAT was created by Stanford’s Neuropsychology and Neurorehab Lab in collaboration with Dr. Hoeft. Please cite this website when using GAT in your publications. Last update: 02/26/2013.

Click to download GAT which includes a step-by-step manual:

Download GAT v1.4.1

This GUI Matlab toolbox was created by Dr. Hoeft with functionality added recently by Stanford’s NNL, for conducting multivariate linear support vector machine (SVM) analyses with neuroimaging and/or behavioral data. Please cite: Hoeft et al. PNAS 2011;108:361-6; Hoeft et al. Arch Gen Psychiatry 2011;68:295-305 when using MVPA in your publications. Last update: 02/26/2013.

Click to download toolbox:

Download MVPA Toolbox

FMRIB Software Library - open-source toolbox for processing structural and functional MRI images
Free software library for processing MRI data.
Open-source software for viewing MRI images and converting DICOM to NIFTI format.

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